January 7, 2021

Press Release – AeroDelft & Arena Aviation Capital Partnership

Arena Aviation Capital is proud to announce that the company engaged in a partnership agreement with AeroDelft to support the team in developing the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft. Also known as Project Phoenix.

According to AeroDelft’s ambitious timeline, a full-scale gaseous hydrogen-powered aircraft is set to fly in 2022, followed by its liquid hydrogen successor in 2024. If successful, the project would be a huge step towards hydrogen-powered commercial flight.

“As a Gold Partner of AeroDelft we aim to contribute to a more sustainable aviation industry and promote the use of sustainable alternative fuels. We are an aircraft operating lease company, not a manufacturer, so our options to really contribute to this transition are limited. At the same time aircraft lessors and financiers have a keen business interest to understand the future of aviation and what it means for their aircraft interests. This combination of really contributing to the sustainability transition and being so close to exciting new industry developments, is very important for us”, said Patrick den Elzen, CEO of Arena Aviation Capital.

Under the partnership, Arena Aviation Capital will not only support AeroDelft financially, but will also collaborate on some of the technical and business aspects of the project, while providing access to its extensive network in the aviation industry.  

Arena Aviation Capital expects that other players in the aviation finance industry will follow their example in pursuing sustainability, by investing in projects and initiatives such as Project Phoenix.

“At AeroDelft we are very pleased to be able to team up with Arena Aviation Capital which has a deep and wide network in the aviation industry and is a representative of the aircraft finance industry. For Project Phoenix it is important to have access to that industry and understand their particular needs and concerns. This improves the process of implementing our technologies in a passenger aircraft. We are proud to have the support of Arena Aviation Capital and work together on a future in which we can fly in clean skies”, said Matthew Dekkers, Full Scale Technical Manager at AeroDelft.

About AeroDelft

AeroDelft was founded by two students from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in 2017 and already has two projects under its belt: Project Talaria and Project Phoenix. The student team has one mission: to prove and promote liquid hydrogen as an alternative to conventional aviation fuel and to inspire the aviation industry to make the change on a scale that will result in worldwide sustainable aviation. They are bringing this revolution by developing the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft. Today’s team consists of 44 students with 17 different nationalities.

For additional information check: https://aerodelft.nl/

About Arena Aviation Capital

Arena Aviation Capital is a full-service aircraft investment management company focusing on the complete life cycle of acquiring and leasing commercial aviation assets, servicing investment and airline customers worldwide and providing services including the origination, financing, risk management, and administration (finance/accounting and legal) of commercial aviation assets. Arena also provides pre-packaged tailor-made solutions for airline customers for their mid and end-of-life assets. Arena today manages 60 aircraft leased to airlines worldwide for customers in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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