June 22, 2022

Sustainable Aviation Futures Conference

Patrick den Elzen, Arena CEO, attended and spoke at the international SAF congress held in Amsterdam this week https://www.safcongress.com/. Around 50% of all aircraft are owned by leasing companies. Clearly leasing companies and their financiers have a role to play in decarbonisation by providing financial incentives to airlines to ensure they are, in whatever shape or form, on the right trajectory towards net-zero in 2050. Since SAF plays a dominant role in that effort, it is only logical to attend this conference, get an in-depth understanding of the SAF market, technology status and regulatory developments, and establish contacts.  There are of course challenges, and the leasing industry is a bit late to the party, but we believe we can be interesting business partner to SAF suppliers and/or distributors, and other services providers.

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