December 12, 2022

Press Release - Arena Aviation Capital completed the sale of a 9 aircraft portfolio with satisfactory results

On 2 December Arena Aviation Capital (Ireland) completed the sale of a 9 aircraft portfolio that was acquired for and managed on behalf of US private equity fund Kennedy Lewis Investment LLC in 2021. The portfolio, a mix of young narrow body aircraft on lease to airlines including Frontier, Spirit, Indigo, American and Air France, was sold to two separate buyers.

 Peter Blakeney, Managing Director of Arena Aviation Capital Ireland, said the transaction was put together under challenging market conditions but nevertheless yielded very satisfactory results to investors over a relatively short hold period. He thanked partners PK Airfinance, KPMG, Millbank, Arthur Cox, Maples, among others, for their support in concluding it.
 Patrick den Elzen, CEO of Arena Aviation: “We are grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with Kennedy Lewis on this project and are hopeful there will be more cooperation in the future. We were again successful in adding an investor client with a complementary risk/return profile, while adding value to every aspect of the transaction.”  

 About Arena Aviation Capital

Arena Aviation Capital ( is a full-service aircraft investment management company focusing on the complete life cycle of acquiring and leasing used commercial aviation assets, servicing investment and airline customers worldwide and providing services including the origination, financing, risk management, and administration(finance/accounting and legal) of commercial aviation assets. Arena also provides pre-packaged tailor-made solutions for airline customers for their mid and end-of-life assets. Arena today manages 59 aircraft leased to 27 airline customers in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.


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